File under New Additions to the Buckland Museum Collection!

While visiting Los Angeles last week we had the opportunity to meet with director Anna Biller, whose film The Love Witch is often discussed on our tours. Released in 2016, the film is absolutely gorgeous, a total delight to watch if you are interested in witchcraft & magick. Biller was very generous, and donated some props from the film to our collection. The main character Elaine sells hand made poppets, soaps, candles, and witch bottles at a local metaphysical shop, and we were ecstatic to return home with some for the museum.
The witch bottle wasn’t from the film, but she built it for us while we were hanging out with her kitten Jacques. Jared Sanford who played High Priest Gahan even stopped by – we often remark on his resemblance to Raymond Buckland!

Thank you Ms. Biller!

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