We are thrilled to announce that we now have a set of 4 talismans created by author Damien Echols on display in the Buckland Museum.

 Damien Echols


From Damien:


The objects I’ve given to the museum are elemental talismans – a talisman of earth, a talisman of air, a talisman of fire, and a talisman of water. They are part of a much larger collection, which include planetary and Qabalistic talismans, and were created as tools to focus on for group rituals. The group rituals were participated in via live-streaming over the internet, by hundreds of people on multiple continents. We collectively invoked the proper corresponding energies for each talisman, and charged it with the intention “Protect, guide, illuminate, and bless us on our journey through life and on the path of high magick.” We also included the intention that anyone else who wanted to add their energy to that of the collective could do so – even if they were to visit the museum hundreds of years after our deaths. This is meant to be an ongoing ritual that reaches through time and weaves together magicians of past, present, and future. When the visitor takes part in the ritual, they are taking part in something which is outside the boundaries of space and time – and in that moment we will all be doing magick together, the will of thousands of magicians united as one illuminating force.


More on Damien Echols:

We will be hosting a livestream on January 7th at 7pm via our Facebook and YouTube pages to discuss the talismans and his recent book.
The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Cleveland, OH.