Frequently Asked Questions




How did the museum get started?

Raymond Buckland started The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in 1966. This was the first museum of its kind in the United States with an anthropological approach to the world of folklore and the supernatural.

Are witches real?

Witches as depicted in cartoons and movies or the “Halloween” witches are mostly pretend. Witches however are real, and Wiccan Witchcraft is a recognized religious affiliation.

Does the museum have a cat?

The museum has an official cat name Robat who we adopted from our friends at  A Christmas Story House in 2019. Robat does not live at the museum, but shows up sometimes to help with tours.

What books do you recommend I read?

There are many books on many different aspects of Witchcraft and Magic. Stop in to our gift shop and look through our extensive collection to see what catches your eye and to talk with our staff. We would be happy to give you recommendations based on your personal interests!

The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Cleveland, OH.