We are very excited a new donation to the collection from writer Najah Lightfoot. In Najah’s own words:

My Staff.
Blessed in the fires of Beltania, a Pagan Festival held in Colorado, which has now gone into the lands of great festivals, and lives in our memories. Beltania was my first Pagan festival, and it was everything I dreamed of; bonfires, rituals, happy people gathering, ceremonies, camaraderie and joy.
My staff came to me at Beltania. It was created by a great Witch, who left our earth plane a few years ago. It is unique. There is not another like it.
I took my staff to several Colorado Renaissance Faires, where dressed in medieval garb, together we strolled the grounds, and enchanted those of like mind.
In December of 2019, in preparation for Drumming Up the Sun, which I have attended for many years, I added my juju beads, tied a red cloth to it, in honor of Papa Legba, and added bells, which I had lovingly purchased, long ago, at the Denver March Powwow. With the sounds of bells chiming, and the juju beads shaking, in honor of my ancestors and those who have gone before me, my staff and I climbed the steep steps at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, in Denver, Colorado. We danced with joy, in sacred ceremony, as we welcomed the return of the Sun, for the Winter Solstice of 2019.
Little did I know that would be our final ceremony together. In June 2020, I blessed it, kissed it, and sent it with love and trust to the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft, in Cleveland, Ohio, where it now resides.
May it bring the blessings of good juju to all who gaze upon it.

Thank you Najah for the beautiful gift! We promise to always honor it.

Najah Lightfoot can be found online at www.twitter.com/NajahLightfoot, www.facebook.com/NajahLightfoot, and www.instagram.com/NajahLightfoot.
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