An Evening With Authors Astrea Taylor & Jason Mankey


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Presented by The Buckland Museum and Cleveland Area Pagan Pride!
An Evening With Authors Astrea Taylor & Jason Mankey
Join Jason Mankey and Astrea Taylor for an intimate conversation about their new book Modern Witchcraft With the Greek Gods, hosted by the Buckland Museum’s own Steven Intermill. Astrea and Jason will be offering insights about the writing process, sharing the discoveries they uncovered while writing the book, and talking about their own personal relationships with the gods. Jason and Astrea will also be answering any and all questions YOU might want to throw their way. It’ll be a rousing night of Witchcraft, magick, and the eternal power of the Greek Gods and the written word.

A (Very) Brief History of the Greek Gods
Everyone knows Zeus, Aphrodite, Hekate, and Pan, but what are the origins of the Greek gods? Why are they still so popular thousands of years after first being worshipped? We’ll trace the history of the gods from the steppes of Ukraine to the city-states of Ancient Greece to the Pantheon in Rome to their re-emergence during the era we call the Renaissance. The gods of Mount Olympus were worshipped in the Ancient World from the British Isles to India, and after the Roman Empire’s conversion to Christianity they refused to go away, and are arguably more popular today than they were 2000 years ago.”

Jason & Astrea are in town in celebration of Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods, now out on Llewellyn. We will have copies here!

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Cost $25

Saturday, December 10th, 8 until 9:30pm.

Buckland Museum of Witchcraft
2155 Broadview Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44109

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