Meet Your Badass Ancestors With Patti Wigington


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Learn to work with your ancestors by developing a relationship with them. Ancestor veneration is a key component of many spiritual/occult practices, but very few people know where to start. Often, misunderstanding of these concepts leads to cultural appropriation and less than successful magical efforts because of the disconnect between the practitioner and Spirit. This workshop is an introduction to genealogical research as well as to making your magic more powerful through working with your kinfolk. We’ll also discuss sensitive topics about problematic ancestors that you may have in your bloodline. Meet Your Badass Ancestors is open to anyone, regardless of cultural/ethnic background or religious belief system, who is interested in learning how to work with their ancestors in a spiritual context.

We will have copies of Patti Wigington’s Badass Ancestors book in stock for signing.

In Person at:
Buckland Museum
2155 Broadview Rd
Cleveland, Ohio
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