Video Gallery

A curated selection of historic and recent documentaries, interviews, and presentations featuring noteworthy leaders and founders of the modern American Wiccan and Pagan Traditions.

Witchcraft Yesterday and Today – Raymond Buckland

Living the Wiccan Life Episode 14, Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland –  Grandfather of American Wicca

Raymond Buckland at Lily Dale, NY

Witchcraft – Janet and Stewart Farrar BBC2

An Interview with Gerald Gardner: Britain’s Wicca Man – from an early 1960’s BBC radio broadcast.

Presentation by Selena Fox, priestess, co-executive director of Circle Sanctuary

Interview with Maxine Sanders, co-founder of Alexandrian Wicca. Filmed on location at the Museum of Witchcraft Boscastle, Cornwall.

The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Cleveland, OH.