Video Gallery

A curated selection of historic and recent documentaries, interviews, and presentations featuring noteworthy leaders and founders of the modern American Wiccan and Pagan Traditions.

Witchcraft Yesterday and Today – Raymond Buckland

Living the Wiccan Life Episode 14, Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland –  Grandfather of American Wicca

Raymond Buckland at Lily Dale, NY

Witchcraft – Janet and Stewart Farrar BBC2

An Interview with Gerald Gardner: Britain’s Wicca Man – from an early 1960’s BBC radio broadcast.

Presentation by Selena Fox, priestess, co-executive director of Circle Sanctuary

Interview with Maxine Sanders, co-founder of Alexandrian Wicca. Filmed on location at the Museum of Witchcraft Boscastle, Cornwall.

The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Cleveland, OH. Buy Gift Certificate for Admission Admission Gift Certificate