The current show in our rotating exhibit space Witch Visions; Scrying through the Mind’s Eye by Maja D’Aoust will be closing on September 27th.

“The contents of this work arrived as a result of engaging the practice of techniques originated by Dr. Kelvin deWolfe.  These techniques involve ancient methods combining Dr. deWolfe’s personal insights with his Mi’kmaq heritage and Taoist Nei Gong traditions. They are meditative, concentrative and perception based methods to achieve amplified awareness of reality and access the subconscious. Through opening the mind using concentration, the images were “seen” in the empty space, erupting as light streams in a vision. These and other practices of accessing “insight” constitute all the major Pagan and Earth based religious traditions and have been made taboo and forbidden by the currently popular methods of religious practice. Thankfully, Witches, Indigenous peoples, Pagans and folk traditions have kept these methods alive through threat of death, isolation and genocide. Maja D’Aoust hopes to inspire those who witness the show to take up such practices for themselves and to give support to those embodying them in order to keep the divinity within alive and integral to the Human experience.”

It’s been an honor to share this work with our visitors. For more information on Maja D’Aoust please visit

Keep your eyes pealed for information on our next show, Apparitions, on loan from Stephen Romano Gallery. More information here.

The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, Cleveland, OH.