Located next door to A Separate Reality Records in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood. 2676 W 14th St, Cleveland, OH 44113. Hours are Wednesday: 5pm – 7pm, Friday: 5pm – 8pm, Saturday: 12pm – 5 pm, or email bucklandmuseum@gmail.com for an appointment. Admission is $5.

Tours consist of a brief introduction to Raymond Buckland, his relationship to Gerald Gardner, and the birth and history of the museum. We have gallery guides listing the objects in the collection, and the majority of items are labeled. The average visitor stay is 45 minutes, but can vary on the individual and their attention span. Some deeply devoted Wiccans have stayed a brief 15 minutes while the most interested muggle has stayed over two hours. The museum is currently housed in a 300 square foot room, but is densely packed with over 200 artifacts. Our maximum capacity is 10 to 12 guests, so there is an occasional wait to enter.

Gift Shop
We have a gift shop consisting of t-shirts, buttons, coffee mugs, and the occasional painting of an object in the collection by our curator. Many books by Raymond Buckland are for sale, as well as a large selection of used books dealing with a variety of esoteric topics.

Other Things To Do Near The Buckland:

Unique Attractions
A Christmas Story House
Relive the life of Ralphie.
Lake View Cemetery
One of the most gorgeous cemeteries in the country.
Super Electric Pinball
Dittrick Museum of Medical History
A Cleveland treasure.

Metaphysical Shops
Mystic Imports
Spirit Apocothary
Goddess Elite
Goddess Blessed
Enchanted Grove

Oddities, Vintage & More
Pugsley’s Room
Black Market
The Mummy & The Monkey
Sweet Lorain
Big Fun Toy Store
Flower Child

Bars & Restaurants
The (C) Rowley Inn
Local bar/restaurant with an excellent menu.
Porco Lounge & Tiki Room
Cleveland’s premiere tiki bar and cocktail lounge.
Now That’s Class
Punk bar.
The Side Quest
The Root Cafe
Local vegetarian powerhouse.

Record Shops
A Separate Reality
What can we say? Our landlords, with approximately 200,000 infinite universes of records.
Bent Crayon
Legendary electronic musick record shop.
Coffee shop/record store.
Hanson Records
Aaron Dilloway’s temple of noise.
The Vinyl Groove Records

Old Erie Street Books 
Loganberry Books
Mac’s Backs Paperbacks

Local Events Calendar Collected By Larry Cornett

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