The Buckland Museum is proud to present Power Of Will: Radionics, a collection of Radionic devices curated by artist David Hollander.

Radionics is defined as “a system of alternative medicine based on the supposition that detectable electromagnetic radiation emitted by living matter can be interpreted diagnostically and transmitted to treat illness at a distance by complex electrical instruments”. In its first iterations in the early 20th Century, Radionics focused on electromagnetic energy, but over time came to include energetic phenomena that are outside the standard framework of physics, including subtle energies that hitherto were undiscovered and undefined. The ability to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions that affect humans, animals, and plants using electronic devices, is at the essence of radionics; a more accurate description of radionics could be “electronic homeopathy”. Radionics also incorporates other means of detection in order to achieve results, namely radiesthesia, or pendulum dowsing. The pendulum is at the center of radionics practice, used to answer questions and indicate the presence of subtle energetic forms. Additionally, radionic devices have been historically created to accomplish goals outside of the realm of medicine and wellness. Devices have been designed to assist in remote viewing, time travel, and wish fulfillment, among other things. The variety of instruments used for radionics, dowsing and other subtle energy-based work is astonishing and some are fantastic works of functional art.

This exhibition focuses primarily on the work of four radionic practitioners, each with a different approach.

Based in the UK, Bruce Copen was one of the premier manufactures of radionic computers, and a well known expert in the field, publishing dozens of books on the subject.

Christopher Hills, a master dowser, was a major figure in the emerging New Age movement in the 70s, teaching and publishing at The University of the Trees in Santa Cruz, CA. Hills created a vast array of tools for metaphysical inquiry, including some revolutionary pendulum designs.

Patrick Flanagan coined the term Pyramid Power in the early 1970s, and went on to invent and commercially develop a number of devices that unlock the potential of pyramid energy.

Marcel Vogel was a brilliant IBM researcher and inventor who, as a result of his experiments with plant consciousness, opened up the nascent field of Crystal research. Harnessing the power of quartz crystals through an innovative method of gem cutting, and tapping into the vast stores of energy that are contained within those stones, Vogel was at the forefront of the now ubiquitous global interest in crystals. His legacy is apparent whenever people utilize crystals in healing or attaining enlightenment.

In the exhibition, we have included rare original devices, artifacts and ephemera of these four luminaries of the New Age, as well as other dowsing tools and radionic devices, some newly created by Psychic Research Inc., based on vintage designs, and made with hyperspecific intentions.

These objects have been selected from the Psychic Research Inc. Archive, founded in 1994 by artist, filmmaker and radionic practioner David Hollander. It is currently located in San Antonio, Texas.

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