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Tasseomancy Events At The Museum!

Join Amy Lou Taylor, internationally known Tasseomancer, Diviner, Tea Sommelier, Broomsquire and the owner and curator of the Tasseomancy Museum, (currently on exhibit in Buckland Museum of Witchcraft until at the least the end of summer 2023) for a tour or a reading!

On July 8/9th, Amy will be back in town and she wants to not only give you some tours of her Museum (included in your museum tour ticket), but she wants to read for you too!
She’ll be bringing her Lenormand Tea Cards with her and will be giving 15 minute or half hour consultations with them. She loves using this deck as the cards have a direct correlation to Tasseomancy, as the symbolism in the cards was pulled from Coffee Grind Readings, which has a very similar practice to tea leaf reading.

What Amy loves the most about the cards, is that they allow for more flexibility and for questions to asked and answered. When the teacup and tea is used, it is much more static and there isn’t as much flexibility for questions to be asked. The way that Amy uses them, the cards have 4 layers: colours, playing cards, numbers and the symbols. Having these four layers allows for more information to work with, and visually they are very clear to see for the person having the reading.
In the afternoon, on Sunday July 9th

A 15 minute consultation: $25
A 30 minute consultation: $45
To book your appointment for Sunday, July 9th please call or text Steven at 718-709-6643, or email!


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