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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 12pm – 1pm – 2pm – 3pm – 4pm – 5pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm – 1pm – 2pm – 3pm – 4pm – 5pm – 6pm
Sunday 12pm – 1pm – 2pm – 3pm

Closed on Wednesdays until the end of time.

  Please note – the ticketing system shows the total amount of tickets available. If it says “2” that means 6 have been bought. If nothing is listed that tour is sold out.  Please arrive at the start time of the tour.    

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Previous Events

This is a sampling of recent events at the Buckland Museum.

Magickal Household Workshop by Patti Wigington

Tarot and Psychic Readings

Witch Photographs by William Mortensen

The Art of Sigil Witchery 

workshop with Laura Tempest Zakroff

Steve and Raymond Buckland at the opening of the museum

Scrying Workshop with Cara Mia

We got a new cat!

THE LATENT IMAGE: Occult Photography in Theory and Practice

lecture by Rik Garrett

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