We are very proud to be exhibiting Julie K. Gray’s latest series of spiritual photographs at the Buckland Museum of witchcraft.

Julie K. Gray’s Artist Statement:

I view this body of work (Spirit Photographs) as unique images combining all energies present at the time of their photographic exposure. The model’s energy, my own energy as the photographer, the energy of the surrounding space, the camera’s technology, the light source itself, and pure chance. All images are created in-camera in a single exposure. Sometimes Spirit presents itself in the form of a face, animal totem, or symbol alongside the model’s own image. Sometimes the light simply enhances the model’s energetic fields. For this exhibition, I have chosen to present the portraits of models who are either mediums, healers or Spiritualists (or all of the above) in an effort to allow them the opportunity to have a visual document of what it is to work with source energy.

Closing Party July 5th, email bucklandmuseum@gmail.com or call 718-709-6643 to schedule your photo taken. The image below was taken by Julie K. Gray of Steven late May, 2024.

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