When we first started rehabbing the space we are currently housing the museum collection in I removed the 40 year old drop ceiling, which was a long and arduous process. During this deconstruction I was immersed in a couple of podcasts, most notably Scary Thoughts, hosted by two individuals out of the Bay Area. I always enjoy the hosts Chad & Marc’s take on films, so I was beyond excited to join them to speak about one of my favorite films, The Wicker Man.
A few things came up during the discussion, the museum, my role in it, what we are up to now, as well as the origins of the film, our take on the Nic Cage remake, modern Wicca, paganism, more. It was whittled down a bit from the original 2.5 hour recording.
Listen at this link, or via iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or seer stone. – Steven

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